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League of Lawyers

In November 2012, several law firms across Europe and Asia met in Bali, Indonesia. As a result of a dialogue between them, The League of Lawyers was formed in 2013 to synergise their resources and efforts to enhance their clients’ experience with them. The founding members are Malaysia (MahWengKwai & Associates), Australia (Ferguson Cannon), Germany (VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ), India (Astra Law) and China (Yap & Lam). The League of Lawyers now serves the needs of clients in Asia, Australia and Europe, who have inbound and outbound business investments.

Recent Posts

By: Sander Schouten @AMS Advocaten When parties are in conflict about the interpretation of a contract, lawyers and judges in the Netherlands will firstly apply the Haviltex criterion (named after case law with the same name). According to this famous criterion not only the literal interpretation of the wording of a contract is relevant but […]

Introduction Staying in Switzerland essentially requires a residence permit, provided the stay lasts for more than three months. In each case, the stay in Switzerland requires the relocation of the center of vital interest (“Lebensmit- telpunkt”) to Switzerland. The following information focusses on so-called third country nationals without gainful activity. Citizens from EU/EFTA countries and […]

By GHR TaxTeam Gerhard Roth (Head GHR TaxTeam)  @ Regina Schlup Guignard  (Deputy Head GHR TaxTeam) @ Non-Swiss nationals moving to Switzerland are in general subject to the same income and wealth taxes as Swiss residents. In view of the very low tax rates in some Swiss cantons, ordinary taxation is already attractive. This being […]