A lecture on Agricultural Biogas in Poland

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1.     A lecture on Agricultural Biogas in Poland given at the BioGasWorld.

In the conference on Biogas Goes East at the BiogasWorld, the law firm von Zanthier & Schulz delivered a speech on Agricultural Biogas in Poland. The lecture’s aim is to present conditions that have to be fulfilled for the establishment of agricultural biogas production plants in Poland as well as issues of their profitability.


2.    Current objectives of the Polish government for biogas

To meet the European Union’s climate targets, the Polish government has set an objective of increasing the percentage of renewable energy in overall energy production from its present level of ca. 5% to 15% by the year 2020. A further target of 30% to be reached by the year 2030 has also been set. To date, wind energy makes up the largest portion of renewable energy (ca. 46 %) and has seen a dramatic upsurge in the past few years. In second place comes hydropower (ca. 37 %). At the moment in its legislation and guidelines for subsidies, the Polish government is aiming at decentralised development of energy supply, thus opening up new opportunities for biomass and biogas from agricultural production. The government wishes to see a biogas plant established in each municipality and commune for the recycling of agricultural biomass by the year 2020. Operators of gas networks are enjoined by law to take agriculturally produced biogas in so far as it meets quality requirements. Feed-in of biogas into local gas networks is being promoted through certification. It may be expected that after the wind power boom Poland will now have a biogas boom.   (see also the attached brochure).


3.     Messe BioGasWorld – Cooperation as the Trade Fair’s Goal

With Poland as the partner country, the international BioGasWorld trade became a platform that effectively initiates and encourages cooperation between young Polish biogas entrepreneurs and the established players of the branch. Given the current situation, BioGasWorld reckons with several hundred investors and other professional specialists from Poland alone. The decision to take Poland as the partner country of BioGasWorld 2012 sends a clear signal for cross-border exchange of information and collaboration that “Biogas Goes East”. A total of some 5,000 industry professionals are expected to attend BioGasWorld 2012.

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