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Alexander Reuss was a charming young man with excellent web-design and video skills. He interned with 3 of our member Firms (India, Malaysia, Australia) during his gap year. Here’s a few words from Alex:

1.       Why did you apply to intern with the League of Lawyers?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to compare legal systems and to gain experience in different legal areas. I want to study law and would like to see how law functions in countries outside my home country (Germany). This will also help me decide on my future career path.

2.       What was the major obstacle that would have prevented you from going on this “internship world tour” with the law firms?

My parents were pretty supportive about me interning abroad. The obstacle would have been money. I saved up through part-time work in Europe.

3.       What did you find as a result going on this “internship world tour” with the League of Lawyers law firms?

It is very interesting to see different countries and personally witness how the programme works. The work I do differs depending on the country. The High court in India is an interesting place. Something I find very amusing would be lawyers will be standing at the back of the courts in India while lawyers stand up in front of the judges in Malaysia. I noticed German judges asked all the questions. I have always wanted to experience how to live in a foreign country, lucky thing is, I learned to adapt to their languages from the first day in each country.

 4.       What specific feature did you like most about this internship?

Seeing how different each country functions, with regards to its law and its culture.

5.       What would be three other benefits about this internship?

I think it’s really nice to network all over the firm. Talking and writing in English Language throughout my internship period has definitely improved my language skills t. I have had the privilege of meeting people who have similar interests outside work as well.

6.       Would you recommend this internship? If yes, why not?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this internship. It is really an enjoyable and good experience because it’s a network with strong connections where everyone knows everyone.


If you are a student, a sophomore or a freshman waiting to take up challenges and are willing to spend a (summer) abroad, we encourage you to read more about the League of Lawyers Internship Programme.