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The League of Lawyers is a platform for law firms to exchange thoughts and coordinate efforts on image branding, business development, best practices, knowledge management and resource exchange. This will be beneficial to you as we collectively extend your client service capabilities to new marketplaces and provide clients with synchronised legal services so that they will receive similar levels of service with reliable quality from any member of the League of Lawyers.

We emphasise on understanding clients’ businesses and challenges so that we offer tailored and contextualised solutions. Through the League of Lawyers, we offer clients synchronised legal services for transcontinental activities that involves more than one jurisdiction. Also, it is important to us that clients, regardless of their size, receive our person-oriented attention. We see ourselves as globalised lawyers, with country specific expertise.

Towards expanding the reach of the League of Lawyers, we are seeking firms to represent their country jurisdiction in the League of Lawyers. In principle, each country will be represented by only one firm from that jurisdiction. Our current focus is to grow our presence and relationships in Asia and Europe.

Value Proposition

Tailored solution/ Solution-oriented consultancy

In a globalised and web connected world, our clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It  is crucial that we provide direct, relevant, concise and prompt advice. The League of Lawyers facilitates members to reach out to each other for knowledge and resource. This may be useful where one member firm is required to advise on a subject matter (which it has no experience in) but can seek assistance from another member firm which has experience in such matter. We help each other understand the country risk, regulatory framework and cultural sensitivities. In short, the League of Lawyers leverages on each other’s experience, knowledge, resources and thoughts to provide the best advice for clients.

Building relationships

The League of Lawyers shall meet once a year at a location to be rotated within the jurisdiction of member firms, to discuss matters that relate to enhancing client experience and the way in which we manage our businesses. We also aim to use the annual meeting as a business development opportunity to collectively meet with existing and potential clients where the annual meeting is held. The annual meeting will also set the agenda to be acted on by member firms for the year. Also, in these annual meetings, we will have an opportunity to build on our friendships through business and social engagements, activities and discussions, so that we create a synchronised and seamless mind set in how we service our clients and conduct our business. In addition, we will organise regular web-conferences to discuss the implementation of the value propositions.

Referral fee

As an incentive to encourage the League of Lawyers to leverage on each other, a referring member of the League of Lawyers shall enjoy an incentive fee of 10% of the legal fees received by the referred member firm.


The League of Lawyers is registered as a society in Hong Kong and Germany and has a website at The President of the League of Lawyers for 2016/2018 is Henning von Zanthier of VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ. Our Chinese member, Yap & Lam with the first President of the League of Lawyers, Stephen Yap, is responsible for maintaining our registration as a society in Hong Kong whilst our German member, VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ is responsible for registration as a society in Germany and maintaining of the website.

Our website will contain a library of online resources from each jurisdiction for public reference. This includes newsletters, articles, podcasts, webinars and information about member firms. This will enhance our global presence while at the same time maintain our individual identities in our home jurisdiction.

If you share our values and objective, please complete the Membership Application Form together with supporting documents and submit them to .

Membership Fees

Please be informed that our membership fees are as follows:
(a) Joining fee of EUR 1,000; and
(b) Annual Fee based on the following thresholds:

Firm with up to 5 lawyers – EUR 500
Firm with up to 10 lawyers – EUR 1,000
Firm with up to 20 lawyers – EUR 1,500
Firm with more than 20 lawyers – EUR 2,000


In a snapshot, membership with the League of Lawyers provides your firm with a range of benefits including:

Reach – We extend your access to localised knowledge with our extensive reach of member firms in local jurisdictions.

Share – We share common values in servicing our clients, so that one client will receive the same level of quality service from our member firms, which ever their jurisdiction.

Challenge – Our lawyers challenge conventional thinking, as our clients challenge themselves to improve and grow.

Inspire – Together, we inspire friendship across our member firms.

Grow – Let us grow our business and friendship together.