VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ (Germany & Poland)

VON ZANTHIER & SCHULZ – Your success is our goal!

We are a regionally and internationally operating firm of lawyers, tax advisers and an auditor with particular specialization in the field of German / Polish affairs.

Our law firm was established in 1992 with the aim of providing advisory services to companies with economic operations in Poland. Only three years later, we opened a branch office in Poznań, the first law firm in the city with German ties.

As a member of LAWASIA – an association for lawyers and other legal professionals in Asia and the Pacific – we also have excellent networking connections in this region. Since 2006, we have represented various major companies, in particular from China, Japan and India, with their activities in Germany and Poland.

Advice and service in cross-border activities and international business operations

Our clients are mid-sized businesses as well as national and international companies which came to appreciate the advantages of a small and personal, highly efficient and specialized law firm like ours. We accompany them from the first contact to formation and expansion of their business in Germany and Poland.

Our thinking and acting is cross-border, interdisciplinary and goal-oriented. Our clients benefit because our work methods save time, money and bothersome formalities. We solve our cases with a clear understanding of the overall picture, paying at the same time particular attention to detail. This is summed up in our motto: Your success is our goal!

Integrated service from lawyers, tax consultants and financial auditors

We know about the importance of an integrated service for our clients which includes legal advice, tax consultancy and financial auditing.

Our legal department offers services in German, Polish and international commercial law. We have a profound experience in different kinds of M&A transactions as well as in all key issues of corporate law, such as tax, real estate and employment law. Furthermore we have developed knowledge in specialized issues like energy and medicine law.

Our tax consultancy provides advice on German, Polish and international tax-related issues. All activities are focused on optimizing the tax burden for companies and private individuals alike.

We offer auditing and fully comprehensive business consultancy services. We understand an audit not just as a formal inspection to ensure the regularity of the accounts and accounting system, but also as an invaluable basis for an analysis of the economic situation of a company.

At the service of our clients in Germany and Poland

A team of 11 lawyers, tax consultants and  an auditor offer customized solutions, all from a single office – in both Germany (Berlin) and in Poland (Poznań). We perform services for our clients in German, English, French  and Polish.

We believe in the notion “Your success is Our Goal”. We are here for you, please visit or consult us here.



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