Legal updates/ News impacting Europe, Asia & Australasia

(updated 21 October 2013)

1.  Courts stand by for rising wave of class action litigation flowing from US (Source : The Australian)

2.  Top Chinese firms face Canadian lawsuit over capital markets transactions (Source : The Lawyer)

3. Slavery traps nearly 30 million people worldwide, including Pakistan (Source : Aljazeera Americas)

4. Nations adopt landmark mercury pollution convention (Source : BBC News UK)

5. Energy Subsidies and the World Trade Organization (Source : American Society of International Law)

6. Lloyds Banking Group offloads Australian assets (Source : The Lawyer)

7. Convertible bonds: Investors seek convertible cover from rate rises (Source: Euromoney)

8. Japan: The ifs and buts of Abenomics (Source : Euromoney)

9. Merger of the Century by Diane Francis: Review (Source : The Star, Malaysia)

10. US debt deal hailed by world markets: Why is India negative? (Source : The Economic Times)

11. South Asia Economic Focus: Turmoil in Global Capital Markets is a Wake-Up Call for South Asia, World Bank Says (Source : The World Bank)