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migrate to australia as A PROSPECTIVE SPOUSE


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This visa is for people from overseas to enter Australia to marry their fiance(e), who must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. Once married, holders of this visa can then apply to remain permanently in Australia.


This visa allows you to enter Australia and marry your intended spouse (fiancé(e)) within the visa’s nine (9) month validity period. Your fiance(e) must be one of the following:


  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen.


With this visa, you:


  • must enter Australia before you marry your fiance(é)
  • may leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish before your visa ceases (nine (9) months after visa grant)
  • can work in Australia
  • can apply for a Spouse visa in Australia after you marry your fiance(é)
  • can study, but you will not have access to government funding
  • may use Australia’s medical expenses and hospital care assistance scheme, Medicare, but only if you are in Australia and have already applied for a Spouse visa.
  • Must marry within nine (9) months of being granted the Prospective Marriage visa.
  • The marriage may take place either in or outside Australia as long as the marriage takes place after the applicant’s first entry to Australia on their prospective marriage visa.


Following the marriage, and before the Prospective Marriage visa expires, you must apply for a Spouse visa  to remain in Australia.


Sponsor Eligibility criteria


To be eligible to sponsor your fiancé, you must:


  • be an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen who wants to sponsor your fiancé as your partner to Australia
  • generally be aged 18 years or over
  • be known personally to your fiancé and have met as adults
  • be free to marry your fiancé, with no impediment to your marriage.


Australian Values Statement

If you are aged 18 years or over, you are required to sign an Australian values statement. The statement is included in your visa application form and all applicants aged 18 years and over will need to sign it to confirm that they will respect the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws. Before signing this statement you are required to have read, or had explained to you, material made available by the government on life in Australia which is contained in the Life in Australia book.


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