Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 175

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migrate to Australia as a skilled person

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This visa allows you to migrate to Australia if you have good English language skills and have skills and qualifications in an occupation in need in Australia.

This visa uses a points test to select visa applicants with characteristics needed in the Australian labour market.

You can apply for this visa if:

  • are under 45 years of age; and
  • have the skills and qualifications that meet the Australian standard for an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List.

The Skilled Occupation List is a list of skilled occupations that are in need in Australia. Each occupation listed is allocated a points value for use in the visa assessment process.

This visa allows you and any secondary applicants (such as your spouse or children) included in your visa application to live as permanent residents in Australia.

Australian permanent residents can-

  • live and work in Australia on a permanent basis;
  • study in Australia at school or university;
  • receive subsidised healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS);
  • access certain social security payments (subject to waiting periods);
  • be eligible for Australian citizenship (subject to the residency eligibility criteria);
  • sponsor people for permanent residence.

To qualify for this visa you must score 120 points in the points test.  Firstly, you have to meet certain basic requirements which are that-

  • you need to obtain a positive skills assessment before you lodge your application.. This is an evaluation of your qualifications conducted by a certifying authority nominated by the Department of Immigration to make sure that you are sufficiently qualified for your nominated occupation;
  • you must demonstrate that you have been employed in an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List for 12 of the 24 months immediately before lodging your visa application;
  • you pass a health examination;
  • you are of good character;
  • commit to the Australian values statement.

You will then be awarded different points depending on your-

  • Age;
  • English language ability;
  • Nominated skilled occupation;
  • Specific work experience;
  • Australian work experience;
  • Australian qualifications;
  • Occupations in demand;
  • Community languages;
  • Regional study in Australia;
  • Partner skills.

Australian Values Statement

If you are aged 18 years or over, you are required to sign an Australian values statement. The statement is included in your visa application form and all applicants aged 18 years and over will need to sign it to confirm that they will respect the Australian way of life and obey Australian laws. Before signing this statement you are required to have read, or had explained to you, material made available by the government on life in Australia which is contained in the Life in Australia book.

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