Involvement, experience and a solid and reactive workforce

Founded in 2009, the firm brings together lawyers from diverse and complementary backgrounds. They all share the same vision of our profession and client relations concerning the following fundamental values:

Technical and creative

In order to carry out a project well or a litigation, lawyers must offer more than the routine use of legal rules. They must get off the better path, employ technical knowledge and skills without limiting themselves to classic or obvious solutions. They must shape the legal framework that best suits your business activities, constraints, issues, in order to protect your interests. We think the best solutions arise out of the exchanges of views and arguments. This is why we value teamwork on each case we are entrusted with.

Involved by your side

We are always eager to know more about you, your business activities, your projects, and your work methods. Experience has shown us that thorough discussions about your business are essentials to the perfect understanding of your needs and the elaboration of the most suitable strategies.

Building a trusting relationship

Involvement by your side only works within a completely trusting relationship. Therefore, we work with you, in a completely transparent manner and with constant dialogue, all the while being available and there to listen. Needless to say, confidentiality is at the heart of our concerns because we are determined to protect your interest above all.

Sharing our enthusiasm, to your benefit

In order to advise, one must be involved. To convince, one must be committed. We are convinced that the enthusiasm with which we do our job and the human framework in which we evolve constitute an essential ingredient to the quality of our work. The firm has a solid network of partners aboard and regularly works with law firms in Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and the People’s Republic of China, as well as with firms from the LEAGUE OF LAWYERS. The firm is in particular recommended by GLOBAL LAW EXPERTS and LEADERS LEAGUE (Décideurs) and is a member of LAWASIA and the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION.

Primary Contacts

Maxime de Guillenchmidt

Managing Partner

Matthieu Ragot


List of practice areas

The recourse to the combined skills of our lawyers in criminal, public, and corporate law enables us to address numerous aspects of a case with a transversal vision. It is essential not to isolate subjects and expertise to address the complex problematics that legal relationships give rise to today.

Accompanying economic actors on a daily basis

We are at your side in all strategic aspects of economic and business life (commercial or competition litigation, contractual negotiations, merger-acquisition, in particular in the vine and wine sector, restructuring, real estate).

Fighting legal and/or regulatory obstacles to development

We elaborate prelitigation strategies (legislative amendments, portes étroites* etc.) and litigation (appeal before the administrative jurisdictions, QPC, preliminary rulings before the ECJ), so that the normative frameworks put in place by the authorities do not constitute an obstacle to your activities but instead promote development. In particular, we intervene in the insurance, transportation, new technologies, health, environment and urban planning sectors.

(*Contribution text filed with the French Constitutional Council by Civil Society actors during the a priori examination of the law at the initiative of political actors, in particular members of the opposition party in parliament).

Protecting our clients against criminal risk

The multiplication of the types of legal offences and the intensification of penalties now make criminal risks omnipresent, which must not be overlooked. We intervene in the early stages to prevent this risk (consultation, compliance audit, internal training, etc.) and to assist you if this occurs. Our skills in corporate and public corporate law are a major advantage in dealing with cases, for which the definition of judicial concepts is essential.

Assisting public employers in their relations with personnel

We benefit from a particular litigation expertise concerning national or international public agents with a particular status regularly pleading for public companies that have become private or for international employer organizations.

Defending fundamental rights and liberties

The firm’s lawyers rely on Michel de Guillenchmidt’s recognized experience to demand the primacy of fundamental rights, as much in the procedures before the national jurisdiction as before specialized jurisdictions (European Court of Human Rights, CEDEAO Court of Justice, etc.).

Having an international vision

Based on a network of preferred partners and trust, the international dimension of our activity is permanent with the various nationalities of our clients and more generally to the advantage of institutional clients confronted with sensitive economic and political problems (international arbitration, litigation with the European Court of Human Rights, interstate negotiations).

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