Membership Criteria
  • Reputation
  • Capability and commitment to delivery of quality advice and work product
  • Experience handling international referrals
  • Compatibility with existing members
  • Participation in network meetings and initiatives
  • A commercial practice
  • Small to Mid-sized in their local jurisdiction Independently owned and managed
  • The ability to work in English
  • An English language website detailing the firm’s services
  • Strong domestic focus combined with significant expertise in cross border business
  • An entrepreneurial, practical and commercial approach
  • A diverse and growing client base
  • Competitive charge out rates
  • Focus on serving a specific geographic area where LOL does not currently have a representative member to prevent competitive conflicts
  • An appropriate level of liability insurance for their jurisdiction
  • Foster ties with member firms and participate in joint business development activities and knowledge sharing
  • The highest standards of integrity, ethics, transparency, and professionalism
  • High quality advice and excellent work product
  • Providing responsive, flexible and better value services
  • Ensuring substantial partner involvement and oversight in client matters
  • The continuing professional education of staff
  • Participation by senior and managing partners in association initiatives aimed at fostering the development and reinforcement of personal relationships
Membership Fees

Membership fees are as follows:

Joining fee of  EUR 1,000

AND Annual Fee based on the following thresholds:

Firm with up to 5 lawyers – EUR 500

Firm with up to 10 lawyers – EUR 1,000

Firm with up to 20 lawyers – EUR 1,500

Firm with more than 20 lawyers – EUR 2,000

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