The word ‘Cairn’, of Celtic origin, calls to mind small pyramids of stone built by travellers on hiking trails, where the arid nature of the terrain means that no other type of signposting is possible. We strive to provide our clients the legal reference points they need to make decisions to ensure the successful completion of their projects, especially in business-related fields.

The attorneys who comprise CAIRN LEGAL work together as a team. They organise their working methods, share their knowledge and manage projects in a meticulous and complimentary fashion so as to offer their clients the most appropriate advice and service.

CAIRN LEGAL is a small partnership, which means that each client has direct contact with the attorney in charge of his project.

CAIRN LEGAL places special emphasis on maintaining and enhancing the team’s experience and know-how, as reflected in its constant training and close monitoring of legislative developments and trends in case law. CAIRN LEGAL strives to keep its clients abreast of developments in those areas that concern them. Demanding internal management rules guarantee the client that his projects will be handled with the diligence.

CAIRN LEGAL is active in the main areas of business law, including both litigation procedures and legal advice and assistance. The following legal areas dominate its practice: company law, banking law, credit and over indebtedness law, distribution law, commercial practices and competition law, consumer law, real property law, bankruptcy and insolvency law, new technologies law and intellectual rights.

CAIRN LEGAL is able to handle projects in French, Dutch, English and German.

A project is like a path travelled: sometimes it is necessary to change the initial objective on the way, unforeseeable problems may require a slower pace or different resources, and detours sometimes become necessary. CAIRN LEGAL strives to make its name synonymous with an appreciation of client costs, a practical sense and efficacy. As a result, we communicate with clients on a regular basis in order to inform them of the decisions taken or the possible alternatives. At CAIRN LEGAL, a project is first and foremost a personal project and we believe that it is up to the client, once he has been properly informed, to choose the most appropriate path.

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