Insall-Milow is a ‘boutique firm’ that, since our founding in 1998, has garnered an impressive reputation for excellence. Managed by its founders Yaniv Insall and Shay Milow, our firm offers clients the benefits of extensive experience across a wide range of legal services. We believe in giving clients a personal, responsive and efficient service delivered with the highest standards of diligence, professionalism and loyalty.

We offer expert legal advice and representation in both civil and commercial law, and support clients through a variety of complex commercial transactions. As a firm, we specialize in: Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Receivership, Liquidation, Settlement with creditors, Corporate recovery, Class actions, Intellectual property, Real estate, Legal representation in court, Arbitration, mediation and conciliation procedures.

As members of the League of Lawyers organization, we can offer our clients direct access to some of the finest law firms in Asia-Pacific and Europe, and a comprehensive suite of legal solutions in different countries.

We have developed extensive legal experience handling complex transactions, predominantly in India, and have cultivated an extensive network of local partners. Insall Milow is proud to be a part of LAWASIA, an international organization comprising 30 Bar Associations and numerous law firms in the Asia-Pacific region. Shay Milow is a member of the LAWASIA Council, and as representative for the Israel Bar Association.

As a firm, we believe in the importance of contributing to the wider community. We do this by taking on pro-bono cases, and through financial support of charities that promote education to disadvantaged sectors of society.

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