Commercial litigation is similar to civil litigation in that it is a lawsuit taken by one party against another party to enforce or defend a legal right and claim for monetary compensation or an action to be undertaken by the losing party. However, commercial litigation typically involves some business venture or commercial relationship that has not met the expectations of one or more of the parties. It covers a wide array of cases such as antitrust, breach of contract, business tort, class action lawsuits, debt recovery, tax disputes and many more.

Whilst commercial litigation may contain similarities to other types of litigation, it does possess distinct characteristics. This type of dispute will usually involve business entities rather than individuals. The issues involved also tend to be more complex and specialised than other types of civil litigation. In addition to this, commercial disputes will usually take a longer period of time to settle due to complexity of the issues and voluminous documents which in turn can result in more expensive legal costs.

In the following chapters of this ebook, an in-depth guide on the court structures, procedures and the legislations which apply in the respective jurisdictions relating to commercial litigation will be discussed.

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