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JNP Legal is an International Law Firm based in Bangkok that offers Professional and Personal Commercial Law Services to locals and expatriates both in Thailand and abroad. Specialising in Corporate and Commercial Law, our dedicated team assists companies and individuals with a number of key legal consultancy services. We pride ourselves on delivering first rate, tailor made, cost-effective advice to our clients.

With a team comprising of both Thai and Native English speaking Consultants, we offer excellent legal advice without any details being lost in translation. JNP Legal is committed to achieving best possible outcomes for our clients, giving legal advice that is practical and most beneficial. Our team is compassionate, dynamic, proactive and highly skilled.

JNP offers a wide range of commercial Legal Services. These include

  • Corporate
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Contract structuring
  • Contract preparation
  • Negotiations
  • Employment Contracts and Disputes
  • Conducting Legal Research on Legal Position and Legality of Business related Activities.
  • Intellectual Property
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring
  • Labour & Employment
  • Family Law
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Starting a Business in Thailand?

JNP Legal can help structure a Thai Company or restructure an existing one. Our lawyers are highly competent and experienced in Partnership, Joint Venture, Limited Company and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Our specialist company lawyers work methodically and diligently to deliver results that are strategic and speedy.

Looking to Buy or Sell Property in Thailand?

JNP lawyers provide legal services to support your real estate requirements namely drafting Leases, Time Sharing Agreements, Property Management , Constructions Contracts etc.
Our team is also fully equipped to support your litigation needs. Our seasoned lawyers are well versed in Commercial, Civil, and Commercial related Criminal Disputes.


Primary Contacts

Nippita Pukdeetanakul

Managing Director

Our Practice Areas

Commercial Law
Legal complications in Commercial matters can be prevented right from the initial stage with proper Structure and Legal Documentation. By way of proper Contract Drafting, relevant Legal Research to identify your legal position and potential risks and problems, JNP can assist you in finding the best legitimate options to prevent, preempt and solve problems, as well as to move forward with your business plan smoothly. We also represent our clients in Negotiations with the opposing party.

Some of our commercial legal services
-Structuring of contracts
-Negotiating with the other party
-Execution of contracts
-Legal Opinions
-Employment Contracts – Employer Disputes

Corporate Law
JNP Legal assists our clients in corporate (company) legal matters from company formation, change of company’s particulars, company structuring and restructuring, to company’s secretarial services. We also assist our clients in other relevant matters such as preparing Partnership Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions, conducting legal due diligence.

Some of our corporate legal services
-Merger and Acquisition (M&A)
-Corporate structuring/restructuring
-Partnership agreements
-Joint ventures
-Company’s secretarial services (filing and keeping of corporate documents)

Real Estate Legal Services
Real Estate regulations in Thailand are constantly being modified and updated. Without the right information, acquiring property in Thailand can be cumbersome, time consuming, and costly. JNP Legal ensures a smooth transaction in acquiring property in Thailand. We assist our clients in conducting Title Searches, Buying and Selling, Leasing, Time-sharing Agreements, Assets & Property Management Agreements, etc.

Some of our real estate/property legal services
-Buying/selling of property
-Time sharing agreements
-Asset and property management agreements
-Legal due diligence
-Construction Contracts

There are many misconceptions and uncertainties about the Litigation System in Thailand. With our success rate in litigation, our practice has changed the way our clients view Thai Litigation, becoming more favorable. Our dedicated motto of prepare, prepare and then some more in order to deliver results of the highest quality has proven to be successful time and time again and we are proud of our team achievements in this area of practice.

We assist our clients in a wide range of Commercial Litigation namely Breach of Agreement, Tort Action, Consumer Protection, Employment Disputes, Intellectual Property Infringements, Investors and Shareholders Disputes, etc.

In Civil Litigation, we assist in the Filing for Petitions and requests for Court Orders. We also assist our clients in some Commercial related Criminal Litigation.

Our lawyers work together with experienced arbitration practitioners to provide the best possible arbitration services in both domestic and international arbitrations. We provide a full range of arbitration support services including:

-Providing an initial review and risk analysis of claims
-Developing a strategy for the arbitration
-Preparing all required submissions
-Representing our clients during the hearings
In addition to our arbitration services we are also able to represent our clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution “ADR” Procedures including settlement negotiations and mediation.

Notarial Services
Notarial Services: JNP Legal also provides notarial services, and authentication of documents services.

Consulting Services
We have the capability and credentials to assist our clients with our consulting solutions in the following areas:

-Financial Analysis
-Financial Due Diligence (such that we can provide Legal, Financial and Tax Due Diligence all under the one, JNP Legal banner)
-Business Process Improvement
-Risk Management and Internal Audit

Other Legal Services
Family Law: We assist our clients in the registration of marriage, divorce, preparing prenuptial agreement, inheritance, and probate matter. We also assist our clients in the preparation of wills and living wills for our clients.

-Prenuptial agreements
-Living wills

Service Stages

Your Legal Vaccination
Strategic Structuring of your legal position is often ignored. This often results in unexpected problems and unnecessary additional expenses at a later stage.

JNP provides you with a smartly-tailored legal resolution package by devising Professional Contracts and Corporate Structure that will safeguard and benefit you in the long term.

Identify potential problems and clarify your legal position.

Uncover hidden rights of our clients and discover potential problems within the existing corporate structure, contracts, and status.

Dealing with the right person at the right time
If you are confused and frustrated by mountains of complicated Thai documents, long queues at the Immigration Office, and the fluctuations in Thai rules and policies, we are here to help you.

Aside from understanding the issues on hand, we are also well-connected and acquainted with local government agencies and have assisted individuals and company staff with the process and attainment of Work Permits, Trademark Registration, Treaty of Amity, and Foreign Business License in a timely and cost effective manner. At the end of the day it all comes down to the right degree of dedication, expertise and knowledge, connection and involvement.

Getting you out – ‘loopholes’
We represent our clients in all stages of Negotiation, Arbitration, Mediation, and Litigation. We also represent you in discussions with your counterparts.

It is clearly not easy to walk through the lengthy process of Thai Litigation. At JNP, we meticulously assist our clients in preparing documents and wherever possible encourage the settlement of disputes in an amicable manner. Most importantly, we dive in at the right time to prevent unnecessary tension and to ensure a win-win situation.

JNP Philosophy

“Personal, precise and direct”

Rooted in the view that Legal services can be more intimate, involved, accurate, and straightforward, JNP Legal always strives to create both a professional and a personal ‘relationship’ with our clients. At JNP, we recognise that clients are real people with real issues and hence are treated as such.

JNP Character

JNP Lawyers and consultants are made up of a young, dynamic, interactive, enterprising and generous team, each with their own specialty and talents. Our people aim to build friendly and long-term relationships with clients keeping pace with them via frequent communications to ensure mutual growth.

JNP Legal Company History

November, 2009 – JNP Legal is born.

Nippita Pukdeetanakul, Thai attorney and barrister-at-law, decides to kick start a law firm with her own flavor operating things in an engaging, interpersonal, dynamic and gratifying way.
November, 2009 – Engages first clients at first office.
October, 2011 – JNP has by this time engaged over two hundred Thai and International clients becoming known among International Communities.
December, 2011– with the demand growing among Thai, Foreign Expatriates and Chinese Investors, our Chinese Market Sector is born.
May, 2012 – JNP with a now an expanded team of lawyers and litigators upgrades – moving to the 26th floor of Interchange 21 Building located at Asoke Intersection, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok.
Jan, 2016 – JNP now with a growing presence in the Mekong region moves to bigger venue on the 23rd floor of the Interchange Building .

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